Platinum Prints on Wood from Gallery Obscura
I make prints in the noble metals of platinum and palladium from photographs that I have taken with a variety of cameras. With my camera, I seek not to record moments in time but rather to capture the nidus of a work to be completed in the future. For me, the essence of photographic art resides not in an array of digital pixels but in a well crafted final print, an authentic tangible object that one can hold in the hand. Working exclusively in platinum palladium, hand coated onto compelling support media, I combine technologies that bridge photographic practices from the 19th into the 21st century. Nearly a decade ago, I sought to apply this century-old printing method to wooden panels and recently have refined the methods sufficiently to produce consistently satisfactory results. I aspire not just to apply the image to the wooden surface, but to incorporate the wood as an integral component of the final piece, its grain contributory, other natural defects visible.
I contact print large scale digital negatives, specifically tailored to the wood, from film or digital files, onto lightly pickle-stained wooden panels. The hand crafting I devote to each print individually melds the most basic elements of art and science into a uniquely tendered work. My signature on each print certifies its authenticity as an unique piece hand-made by me in my studio

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